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A critical care monitor should connect you to the information you need based on your patient's unique care needs. That's why we provide family of critical-care monitors for wherever your patient may be in the continuum of care. Our family of patient-monitoring products delivers nearly infinite display configurations, powerful connectivity, and easy-to-use displays that are ideal for bedside or portable use in both large and small hospitals.
DYNASCOPE DS-8000 Series

DYNASCOPE DS-7000 Series

An ultrasound image can bring essential insight into your patient's conditions and the direction of care-the important things is to get a high-resolution image.
At Fukuda Denshi, we understand that when it comes to ultrasound, image quality is everything. Regardless of the model you choose, you will receive top-quality, high-resolution images that deliver information clearly to help with diagnostic accuracy. In addition, our family of diagnostic ultrasound instruments can match almost every diagnostic and workflow need, from portable practice-based modules for breast, thyroid, or vascular analysis to comprehensives consoles for in-hospital cardiology imaging.
Fukuda Denshi ECG models come in a range of sizes and capabilities, from small ECG strip recorders to full-featured interpretive ECGs. All of our instruments can be either AC or battery operated and are ideal for private practice, giving you results that are clear and easy to read, either on screen or on paper. Since Fukuda Denshi first connected ECG technology to patient care, our instrumentation has set standards in ECGs.
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